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Re: Re: HP Pavillion n5270

Please Alan:
I guess you might not even remember how did you did this
step to configure the ethernet. I have just installed Debian
Sarge on my laptop and have exactly the same problem. I have
been looking for the netdriver.tgz on the web, based on
other discussions and could not find it where it is supposed
to be: 
I also downloaded tuilp.c, pci-scan.c, pci-scan.h, kern...
h ,etc to install just the module but I could not compile
both dirvers. 
I have lost a lot of time reading and surfing the net. I am
about to quit and install SuSE or Mandriva that I also
bought but that would be my second failure with Debian and I
don't want to lose. 
One thing I cannot understand is how this version still have
problems from 2001...I just thought that installing the
newest version in an old computer was the easiest way to

I've gotten a HP Pavilion XH215 working.  I think they're
I have an Accton EN2242 ethernet (tulip based) and a
ESS Allegro Modem (non-operational win-modem) in mine.  The
sound will
supposedly work, but I haven't gotten around to installing
the alsa
drivers yet.

The video was a S2 Savage IX Mobile and it worked fine.
I'm running Debian 2.2r2 with the latest updates.

I had to do some tweaking the ethernet working.  The tulip
driver just
needed the mfr. ID added to various tables in the tulip.c

Feel free to mail me if the hardware matches and if you have

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