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I've got a Toshiba Tecra S1 Laptop on which I installed Debian Sarge and a
new Kernel (

My problem are the Hotkeys, the FN-Keys (FN-Space, FN-ESC, FN-F1 to FN-F10)
which won't work.

The normal solution for this is to use the Toshiba-Module in the kernel and
the the fnfxd-software or the Toshiba-Utils.

But the Tecra S1 has a different BIOS than other Toshiba-Laptops and so it
is not possible to use the Toshiba-Module. But without the Modules neither
fnfxd nor the Toshiba-Utils will work.

So my Question ist: Is there a way to make the fn-keys useable?
I tried xev, but the fn-keys didn't produce any event.

Or, if there is no way for using the FN-Keys: How can I toggle between LCD
and External Screen (like a Beamer)?

Thanks for any hint,

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