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Re: RAM upgrade?

julien.maladrie@free.fr wrote:

Ok, sorry. I don't understood your solution. So i'll put my 256MB under the
keyboard's slot and put the 512MB in the accessible slot.
Normaly, i had to put DDR-266, but if i put DDR-333 (or others), what 'll happen
('ll be work) ?

Thank you very much for your help, and sorry for my bad english skill...

Julien Maladrie

Ok, 256 MB inside + 512 MB (or 1 GB) in the "external" slot. About the 266 or 333 MHz type it depends on your machine. I'll need the 333 MHz type, but i own a Travelmate 8005 so i don't know if it fits with yours. You can try with dmidecode package, it will tell you under the Memory device section.


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