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Re: Batch Resize, how to?

Benedek Frank <linux@celifornia.com> writes:

> I am trying to organize my pictures, and I am looking for a batch resizing 
> program for my laptop. I was googling for a while, but I didnt find anything, 
> only one program for GIMP, but that didnt work. Any good plugins for GIMP? Or 
> command line tool?

'convert' from the imagemagick package does the job.

Its a console programm, so you can easy use it for scripts.

It works like this:

convert -resize 800x600 originalpic_name resizedpic_name

e.g. resizes the originalpic to 800x600 and stores the resized pic in
the new file resizedpic_name.


Andre Schmidt <andre1969@gmx.de>

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