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"Write" doesnt work. Permission issue?


I am trying to write a console message to another user, who is in via
SSH, and it goes through, no problem. WHen he tries to write back to me,
it wont let him. So I tried, and it wont let me write to myself either,
except from a Root account. So I thought, mesg might be disabled, but
not. When I disable mesg, it gives a different error. Here are the
errors, and the output of mesg

ben@vaio:~$ write ben
write: ben has messages disabled
ben@vaio:~$ mesg
is y

Now when I disable mesg, I get this error.

ben@vaio:~$ write ben
write: write: you have write permission turned off.

That error I understand but when I enable mesg, why I cannot send myself
a message still, and why cannt other users send me as well?



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