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Re: klaptop indicates 0%

> Klaptop indicates every now and then that that there is 0% power present.
> That causes tasks to stop and the machine to go suspend mode. As quickly as
> it gets into suspend it gets out of it again, because the real amount of
> power is seen. This happens plugged in and running on batteries.
> Does anyone know what causes this?

I am experiencing the same behaviour (but I disabled the automatic Shutdown). 
This always goes along with the following Kernel debug message:

[ACPI Debug] String: [0x09] "BST Start"
evregion-0405: *** Error: Handler for [EmbeddedControl] returned AE_TIME
 dswexec-0446 [155] ds_exec_end_op        : [Store]: Could not resolve 
operands, AE_TIME
 psparse-1138: *** Error: Method execution failed [\_SB_.PCI0.BAT0._BST] (Node 
ffff8100016b71b0), AE_TIME
acpi_battery-0208 [147] acpi_battery_get_statu: Error evaluating _BST

So this is (at least here) not a fault of klaptop, but a problem in the ACPI 
system (maybe the DSDT?) or the specific BIOS.
I have noticed, that this only happens under (not necessarily high) load and 
not while the laptop just sits there doing nothing.

This doesn't help you, but may provide further clues?


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