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Sarge on Sony Vaio (now english ;-) )


sorry, that I didn't recognize, that this is an english list.
So try again in english:

Yesterday, after years using Suse-Linuy, i have installed sarge on my Sony Vaio Laptop. Beside some trouble with the installing procedure, I'm pretty happy with it.

Are ther any infos about the differences between suse and sarge, mainly about things like acpi/powersave or the synaptic touchpad etc. ?

Currently I have two problems:
1) My synaptics touchpad doesm't "klick" if I tap on it. I had the same problem using Suse the first time some years ago, but I forgot how to solve it.

2) I want to configure acpi respectivly the powersavedeamon. Using Suse there was a little icon at the menu, but now there isn't any more.

Thanx in advance for any help


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