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R4025 Laptop


I have this compaq r4025 laptop (it is an amd 64).  I cannot seem to
get Linux on it (Debian or otherwise).  When I try to boot off an
install CD it gets about as far as initializing the framebuffer and
then hangs.  I tried the "nofb" kernel option (also I think the debian
option is vga16:no or something like that) and this keeps the video
from locking, but the system still hangs.

Has anyone successfully gotten Debian up and running on a laptop like
this?  I know the built in graphics card (it's an ATI 200m) has some
compatibility issues.  Even the vesa driver would be fine with me
though, I am just bummed to be running windows on my nice new laptop.

Also has anyone gotten the 64 bit disto working on this (or any)
laptop?  Maybe it would be better to ask in debian-amd64 but since it
is a laptop also...

Another thing:  Knoppix 3.6 boots and runs fine, so I know it is
possible.  I just can't figure what it is doing differently to prevent
a crash.


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