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New toshutils package

Please CC me or reply directly as I am not on debian-laptop.

I have recently taken over maintaing the toshutils package.  I have
patched it to use GTK2 instead of GTK+ (this was a personal pieve of
mine for a long time).  There should be no functional impact on the
operation of the program, but I would like to encourage anyone that
comes across a bug to file a report.  (The reportbug package is really
handy for this).

I am also taking over the toshset package and am preparing an update for
it with a new upstream version that supports some of the ACPI
funcitonality of the newer Toshiba laptops.  If you are interested in
helping me to test the new version, please let me know.  I will not
place it directly into the archive as the previous maintainer had issues
with some of the newer versions causing problems and only felt
comfortable placing them in experimental.  I will also post another
announcement on this list.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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