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Re: [OT] hard drive upgrade

You can use any 2.5" IDE drive. I picked up a 40G Samsung for my 2805-S201 about 2 months ago at Newegg for $60. It's fast and all but silent. There are alot to choose from in a resonable price range. I'd suggest the Samsung or Hitachi 5400RPM drives, I've never gone wrong there.

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I have a toshiba 2805-S302 laptop and the drive has a carrier cage
that can be seen here:


Anyone know if that carrier can be placed on any drive, or if I need
to buy a drive specifically designed for the Toshiba?  And, will any
2.5" drive work?  The above link is a bit expensive for a 80GB drive.

Any specific recommendations on drives to buy/avoid, and perhaps
where in the US to shop?

I'm also looking for suggestions on copying the drive -- should I get
a caddy for my desktop and do a network copy or try and get a USB
caddy for use on the laptop (which is USB 1.0, IIRC)?


Bill Moseley

Hi Bill,

looks like this is a normal 2,5 " hard drive in that caddy, so any 2,5 "
drive can be placed in the caddy. The only thing you have to take care of is
the interface. I am not sure you need a drive with SATA or IDE interface. I
recommend you buy am IBM/Hitachi drive, because over here in Europe they
have a very good warranty service.(they let ups pick up your drive if it is
defective, and you don't have to pay anything). And the drives are pretty
good to.

You should get the USB-caddy. On one hand USB 1.1 is very slow while you
copy data to or from the USB-Drive, but you can use your old drive with the
USB-Caddy as an external storage. In my opinion this is the main goal. I
would not put the drive in my desktop, temporary this works fine, but 2,5"
drives are not so fast than 3,5" drives, so it will slow down your desktop.

Michael Gellhaus

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