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nw8000 and wireless/bluetooth


I have got a compaq nw8000 with a Atheros wireless chip. I have
installed the MadWiFi-driver successfully, but when issuing 'iwlist ath0
scanning' I just get "no scan result" back.
I have read about people having the same issue. And I think I know why
but I cant fix it. You are supposed to "turn the wireless/bluetooth on"
by pressing a button above the keyboard. After that everything should
work just fine. In Feodora this worked out of the box but however in
Debian Sarge NOTHING happens when I presses that button.. Is there
anyone that knows how to turn wireless devices on in Debian? I guess
most HP/Compaq models would be applicable/have the same proceedure how
to do that..?

Kindly Regards,
- Johan

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