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Re: Problem with Vaio touchpad

I can confirm the same weird behavior on HP Pavillion zx5820 here.
I went back to sarge 2.6.8 to get it working fine again. It is a pity because I had to recompile alsa since 2.6.8 does not get along with my atiixp soundcard...

Curt Howland wrote:
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Hi. Up-To-Date Sid on a Vaio PCG-GRT170.

I finally tracked down the problem I've had trying to go from kernel 2.6.10 to 2.6.11, which I noticed recently became the "official" latest Debian kernel. Or rather, 2.6.10 is showing up as obsolete today.

Anyway, when the "psmouse" module loads in 2.6.10, I get the following message:
- -----------
~# modprobe psmouse
input: PS/2 Generic Mouse on isa0060/serio1
- -----------

and everything works just fine. Smooth fine position control, 3-button emulation, copy/paste, strike the touchpad surface and it "clicks" button 1, stuff like that.

However, under 2.6.11, the following message comes up:
- -----------
~# modprobe psmouse
ALPS Touchpad (Glidepoint) detected
  Disabling hardware tapping
input: AlpsPS/2 ALPS TouchPad on isa0060/serio1
- -----------

Fine movement is no longer smooth, distance is inconsistent, copy/paste is flaky to say the least, and worst of all there is no "click" when I hit the touchpad with my finger.

Is there a way to disable checking, to force "PS/2 Generic"-ness upon the module? Sometimes hardware detection can go too far, it seems.

I'm not going to open a trouble ticket on the module until it's obvious there is no way around the detection routine, or I can communicate the action and fix to the kernel packagers.


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