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[OT] Re: Dear Beloved

On Monday 16 May 2005 15:41, Tim Cutts wrote:
> >>> everyone will die someday. My name is Adam Raymond. I have been
> >>> diagnosed
> >>> with Esophageal cancer.It has defiled all forms of medical
> >>> treatment, and
> >>> right now I have only about a few months to live,according to
> >>> medical experts.
> Normally these things pass me by, but I found this one particularly
> obnoxious - my father died of oesophageal cancer 6 months ago.  It's an
> extremely unpleasant way to die, and I find the use of it to gain
> sympathy for a scammer particularly low.

My condolances.
After my father died (5 years ago now) I was most annoyed by companies not 
bothering to properly cancel subscriptions and such, even after repeated 

> I don't know why I even read it at all - I guess my eyes are quite
> attuned to the words 'oesophageal' and 'cancer' these days, especially
> since I used to be a cancer research scientist.

Did you notice how the illness has "defiled" instead of "defied" 
treatment? Ah well, I guess you can't really expect spammers to have an 
education that allows them to use proper English.

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