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Fw: Debian on Acer Aspire 1681, Problemlist


Irgendwann (so um 15:58 des 12.05.05) gab
Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> von sich:

>On Thursday 12 May 2005 15:33, Martin Jenewein wrote:
>> en.ISO-8859-1...connot open locale definition file `en': No such
>> file or directory
>When you dpkg-reconfigure locales, make sure you deselect the 
>en.ISO-8859-1 option from the list that is shown.
>> I think that the install of locales failed via netinstall.
>> Bug?!?!
>Did you install the laptop using the Sarge netinst installation CD?
>If yes, which version (what URL did you download it from; what
>date is shown if you press F1 before booting)?

I can't say the date, because net install cd isnt in my office now. 
I ve downloaded the net install iso at Monday from: 

>Also, if yes, what language and country did you select? Did you
>change the selection later?

ok, i selected first de and 1 step later i changed this in en. 


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