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Re: Lineakd

Fabjan wrote:

Does any one know how to write a starting script which will run lineakd on startup in background. I have configured additional keys for hp compaq nx5000 sucha as: "Mute","Louder","Silence". When I'm starting lineakd from the command line in the following way:
% lineakd &
everythig works!
but when I am trying to write a simple starting script which will launch a lineakd on startup I have following message during booting the system:
Failed .... "somethig" .... System V IPC keys.

Maybe I did somethig wrong but i am creatink a symbolik link to the program '/usr/bin/lineakd' and then I am using the simplest way to forced it to run on the startup:
% update-rc.d lineakd defaults

additional information:
I'm using kernel 2.6.9
System Knoppix 3.7

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sorry it is not actual any more ;)
$HOME/.kde/Autostart/ - this is a proper solution ;)

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