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Upgrade to Xfree86 4.5 from 4.3 and fonts are displayed as squares


On my Sony PCG-C1VRX I couldnt make Video to display 1024x480 with 4.3 X. 
Later I found on a Japanese site, that the 43 and 4.4 ATI driver wont work 
for me, unless in 8Bit mode. So I went ahead and downloaded the sources and 
installed 4.5 . Now I get a nice 1024x480  crisp clear display, but all the 
fonts in KDM and KDE are displayed as a square. I didnt say yes to upgrade 
the fonts at first, but that showed squares, so the second time when I 
installed I said yes to the font upgrade, but still no GO.

Any hints? Thanks


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