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Slight OT: GDM Sessions

Hi all

This is slight off topic but didn't want to bother with joining the correct list since you guys propably know the answer

I've compiled Gnome from cvs using jhbuild and i would like to be able to start the compiled gnome from gdm.

I've added a jhbuild.desktop file to /usr/share/xsessions/ with this content
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=This session logs you into GNOME CVS
Exec=/home/jrm/bin/jhbuild run gnome-session

But when i try to log in using gdm i always get the default debian gnome installation and not the cvs version. And yes I have chosen the right session before login :) When choosing the sessions in gdm the GNOME-CVS option do appear.

What log files would be interesting to look at?
What am I doing wrong?


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