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LG Express Notebook (LW60-DBJA)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install debian on an LW60-DBJA. I have the rc3 version of
the netinst CD (the latest "testing" release).

Booting linux26, the installer hangs during the PCMCIA detection phase
(96% progress bar), so I used the hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false boot

Now a problem still remains: it cannot detect the network card. The LG
support guy told me it is a 3com 920-MV00. The 3com drivers don't work,
but a few minutes on the web reveals that I should use the sk98lin
driver. However, the version of that driver included on the netinst cd I
have doesn't work ("modprobe sk98lin" says "No such device"). The
SysKonnect people tell me I should try the new version 8.15 available


But how? I don't have a working Linux installation to be able to
download and compile the driver. What steps should I take (the easiest
steps :-) to install Debian?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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