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Re: Compaq presario 1200

Saludos Hugo

¿será necesario hablar sol0o en ingles?

La situación es que sí produce los sonidos al ingresar y extraer la
tarjeta, los leds se mantienen encendidos, pero no linkean...

Que sigue ahora, ¿como configuro la red?

Perdón por la molestia...

On 12:01:05 am 03/12/05 Hugo Santiago Carrer <hscarrer@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 21:48:22 +0200, "Juan Antonio Vásquez C."
> <juanv@ladoctrina.org> wrote:
> >
> >  I am new in linux, and too and debian...
> >
> >  How to install and config the PCMCIA PC Card (CNet) and config the
> >  network on Compaq Presario 1200
> >
> >  i have Debian 3.0r4
> >
> >  thanks
> >
> Hello Juan,
> If you are running the default kernel, just by inserting the card you
> should see something happening a few beeps and stuff.
> If none of this happens is probably because the pcmcia modules are not
> being loaded either at boot or at card insertion, of course this is
> what you need to achieve.
> I would recommend reading the PCMCIA-Howto it ussualy resides in
> /usr/share/HOWTO. Or you can just find it with google.
> If after reading it you are even more confused than before don't
> panic, it is normal. Just post your new doubts to the list and someone
> will help you. Of course when you post you should try to be as
> specific as possible.
> Cheers
> H
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