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[WARNING] kernel-patch-suspend2 buggy

Unfortunately, I overlooked a grave (silly) error in version 2.1.8-1
of the suspend2 Debian kernel patch. The error may well prevent you
from booting. I sincerely hope that noone (but me) has fallen into
that trap yet. A new package version, 2.1.8-2, is available from the
APT repository:

  deb http://debian.maduck.net ~madduck/packages/stage/kernel-patch-suspend2/
  deb-src http://debian.maduck.net ~madduck/packages/stage/kernel-patch-suspend2/

If you would rather not recompile your kernel, you can apply the
following patch to /etc/mkinitrd/scripts/suspend2-* :

--- kernel-patch-suspend2-2.1.8.orig/debian/mkinitrd-script
+++ kernel-patch-suspend2-2.1.8/debian/mkinitrd-script
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@

 if [ ! -d /proc ]; then
   echo E: /proc is not available. >&2
-  echo E: this calls for suicide... okay, I'll try to continue instead... >&2
+  echo E: this calls for suicide, but I will try to continue... >&2
   exit 0

Then, run `dpkg-reconfigure kernel-image-${version}` to have the
initial ramdisk remade.

If you fell prey to this error and you now have an unbootable
system, then please use a Debian or Knoppix CD (or any other boot
CD), mount your root filesystem, and the /boot, /var, and /usr
filesystems, chroot into the hierarchy, make the change, and run

Sorry for being so careless. I really hope noone has been bitten.

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