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Re: annother Xfree-synaptics problem

On Tuesday 01 March 2005 11:38, Christian Stalp wrote:
> This could be also interesting at the end of XFree86.0.log
> Synaptics DeviceInit called
> SynapticsCtrl called.
> Synaptics DeviceOn called
> (WW) Touchpad can't grab event device, errno=1020
> (--) Touchpad no synaptics touchpad, data piped to repeater fifo

Sorry, I haven't been following this, so I hope I'm not going to repeat 

Is module "evdev" insmod'ed?  It should be automatic, but I've seen situations 
where it doesn't work.  It needs to be install

Are the devices /dev/input/event* readable?  /dev/input/mice? (hmmm - iirc, 
you're still pointing the mouse at /dev/psaux - use /dev/input/mice).

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