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Wifi connection problem

I'm using a laptop, sometimes with a normal ethernet card (to connect to my network) and sometimes using a wireless card, to connect when I am on the train for example (one of our train lines has wifi on the train, which is supposed to operate for free where I am using it).

When I go wireless, I put in the wireless card, and the normal ethernet card is not there. The wireless card picks up the train's network - it gets the essid correct. At first it was retaining the ethernet card address, but I got rid of that (I forget how...). It appears to work OK and I get "connect" and "disconnect" messages.

My problem is that I don't seem to be able to actually connect to the web. Lynx cannot find any web addresses for example, ping never finds anything either. This includes the "landing page" that the train service says we should start at. I tried route and that gives a blank table. I tried using:

route add -net -netmask dev eth0

but all I get is an error message.

Any ideas?

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