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annother Xfree-synaptics problem

Hello together,
I have also a problem with my synaptics-Driver. 
I have an Asus3500-D Notebook with a Synaptics Touchpad and an AthlonXP-M.
On this machine I run sarge with kernel 2.6.10. The touchpad and every and 
feature works very fine accept for the synclient and syndaemon-applet. That 
means, I can use the tapping and scrolling-funcionallity but cannot switch 
the touchpad off, while I use the keyboard.

When I start the syndaemon it informs me about it status, writes on the 
console that the touchpad is disabled ( while Im writing ) or enabled ( after 
two seconds of stop writing ). But it does'nt matter if its dis- or enabled, 
the touchpad is allways enabled. If I touch the touchpad in the same moment I 
write on the keyboard the mouse is moved or whatever happends... 
If I call "synclient -h" I get this responce:
 Hardware properties: 
            No touchpad found 
            Do you use a newer kernel than 2.4? 
            Than browse the messages or boot.msg for the hardware info

My xf86config-4 is:  ( for the touchpad )
Section "InputDevice" 
   Driver      "synaptics" 
   Identifier   "Touchpad" 
   Option      "CorePointer" 
   Option      "Edges"         "1900 5400 1800 3900" 
   Option      "Finger"      "35 40"   #"25 30" 
   Option      "MaxTapTime"      "100" 
   Option      "MaxTapMove"      "220" 
   Option      "VertScrollDelta"   "100" 
   Option      "MinSpeed"      "0.02" 
   Option      "MaxSpeed"      "0.20" 
   Option      "AccelFactor"      "0.0008" 
   Option      "Device"      "/dev/psaux" 
   Option      "Protocol"      "ImPS/2" 
   Option      "Repeater"      "/dev/ps2mouse" 
   Option      "SHMConfig"      "on" 

Where ist the problem ?

Thank you....

Gruss Christian

Christian Stalp

Institut für Medizinische Biometrie, Epidemiologie und Informatik (IMBEI)
Obere Zahlbacher Straße 69
55131 Mainz
Tel.: 06131/ 17-6852

E-Mail: stalp@imbei.uni-mainz.de
Internet: www.imbei.de

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