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Re: How to turn off internal monitor when using external one

Barry, Christopher wrote:

...so based on IP address, certain 'scripts' can be executed? Is this a
'selectable at boot' option, or is it automagic? Does this tie into
ifplugd somehow, as was mentioned by others earlier in the list?

If you look at the web page, you can get a version with the latest
features. It's flexible and open to new development, so if somebody
is going to code something, why not just implement what's not
already available in with netenv into a newer version of netenv.

from http://netenv.sourceforge.net/

we see: " Netenv has been around for Debian quite a while . Please check out Debian stable <http://www.debian.org/Packages/stable/admin/netenv.html>. Unfortunately they still distribute netenv 0.82 in stable. Frank Küster <mailto:frank@kuesterei.ch> is now netenv maintainer and he put together netenv for unstable. <http://packages.debian.org/unstable/admin/netenv.html> Thanks Frank !

If you are using Debian, please send questions and comments to him directly."

I'm not currently using netenv  (although I was very happy with
it in the past) so It'd be best to direct those questions at somebody
more current with the latest features of netenv.


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