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Experience with Averatec laptops, anyone?


I was wondering if anyone knew about the Avaratec C3500 Series laptops/tablets. 
I seem to have an unusual video problem (horizontal hold goes nuts after it 
warms up). The video problem is intermittent, and has happened recently. I 
can't think of anything recent that I've done differently.

Basically, I want to know if anyone has one of these things, whether this is 
considered unusual, or was it the subject of a recall that anyone knows of? I 
am sending it back to the vendor (still under warranty), and I got no clear 
answers from their tech support.

The tablet runs XP + Debian Sarge.

Paul King
Paul King            http://alimentarus.net
"Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are captains 
of our fate and masters of our soul" -- Unknown

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