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Re: HD problem, Debian Sarge 2.6.9, 30GB IBM HD

On Sun, Dec 26, 2004 at 09:31:05PM -0800, Benedek Frank wrote:
> positive statement about my harddrive. It is 30GB by the way, not 60. Hope 
> that makes a difference.

That was just one particular run, and they were desktop drives.
But they had a failure rate of about 10% and IBM got a big black
eye for it.

Hard drives fail.  It happens.  Use this as an opportunity
to get a bigger drive with a higher RPM.

The Hitachi 60GB 7200RPM is the best one you can buy.

Get one of the slick USB2 minature hard drive enclosures
to put your old 2.5" drive in.

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