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Re: toshiba m30x-131 with 1280x800

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 23:40:11 +0100, Benedek Frank wrote:

> Hi
> Sure, I use it already, it can get done. But you need to run a script every 
> time you boot.
> http://perso.wanadoo.fr/apoirier/
> Here is the patch, and how to use it. I personally made a script called 
> "resolutionfix" and put it in /etc/init.d/ and made it executable. I then ran 
> "rcconfig" in which I can select the resolutionfix package to be run every 
> time the computer boots. Then, go into /etc/rc2.d/ and make sure the 
> resolutionfix script runs before your X session manager like GDM KDM XDM, if 
> you have any. Then, your problem is solved. Of course, you need to follow 
> what Alain has in his README files. You need to put also a line in your 
> XF86Config-4 file. If you have trouble, I will boot my machine and give you 
> my config file, so you can copy.
> Ben

Thanks, but when I run "855resolution -l" I get

Chipset: 855GM
Unknow VBIOS structure

Can you display the modes of your vbios?


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