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Netgear FA511 not detected by pcmcia-cs

Hi guys,
I have a laptop running Debian unstable and I'm having trouble getting 
the pcmcia  service to pick up my network card.
The card I have uses the Tulip module from the kernel.
When I plug the card in the slot the card is not detected, but if I put 
the card in the slot and then load the module manually afterwards the 
card is detected properly.
If I want to configure the interface on the card via dhcp I have to run 
dhclient manually after the card is inserted.
If I can get the pcmcia service to detect the card it would be easy to 
enable the dhcp option in /etc/pcmcia/network.opts so that I would not 
have to configure the card by hand.
This is also a problem for when I want to remvoe the card and plug 
another in. I have to kill off dhclient, unload the module and then put 
my other card in.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can have the card be detected by the 
pcmcia system?


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