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Re: Centrino CpuFreq (< 600 mhz)

Joan Tur schrieb:

Es Divendres 10 Desembre 2004 18:47, en Arnaud Fontaine va escriure:
| >>>>> "Joan" == Joan Tur <jtur@wanadoo.es> writes:
|     Joan> Compiled, and boots fine, but I cannt see any change, minimum
|     Joan> speed is still 600mhz at
|     Joan> /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_min_freq 8-?
| Hello,
| I modified speedstep-centrino.c for my 1300Mhz Intel Pentium M, but like
| you, i can't see any change despite i took a look at Intel
| documentation. Someone has an idea ? I use cpufreqd, maybe there is an
| another solution ?
I'm using cpudyn, but both are based on info the system shows them (sys & proc
dirs)...  8-(

|     Joan> Any idea?  Thanks ;)

The demon used should be of no effect, because all have to rely on the
sysfs entries, but it seems that the chipsets capabilities differ. Or
maybe some other kernel configs influence this. I have the following
options set which may have influence:


I am using a debian kernel 2.6.8 on Centrino GM855/1600MHz Banias.

| Thanks
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