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Re: [debian-laptops] Dlink 650 p1 on debian

I have a DWL G650 working under debian (Sarge) 2.6.x using the MADWIFI
drivers.  I used the debian wrapper to install and build them.  I have
not really had any problems out of it.  Only down side to the Dlink
wireless is that they change chipsets between G650  and G650+ for
example.  Cross your finger and hope you have the Atheros chipset.  It
has worked the best for me.


On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 07:21, Tom wrote:
> Hello all,
> Anyone have luck with the dlink dwl 650 rev p?
> I tried wlan and I am considering orinoco.  After googling for 12 hours, I
> found a lot of information posts related to problems and few success
> stories.
> TOm

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