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Acpi Suspend Problem, 2.6.8 Kernel, will suspend, wont resume


I have APCI on my laptop, and I am trying to make it work now. 

I use KDE and Debian Sarge (up-to-date). The APCI modules are all loaded, and 
I have the battery monitor in the bottom. If I right click on it, I can 
select "suspend".

Suspend didnt work, but I found the solution on Google. I had to remove the 
USB before it could suspend. So I removed the module, and did the suspend. 
The computer quickly goes into suspend mode, and the power light starts to 
blink. All looks good. 

Now, I dont know how to bring the machine back to live. When I press any 
buttons, nothing happenes. When I press the power switch, the harddrive or 
some other component will make one short sound, and the CPU light comes on, 
then nothing happenes. The CPU light (activity light) stays on, but machine 
does not come back up. So I have to reboot, with the power button held in for 
several seconds. That is obviously bad.

Do you have any suggestion?



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