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Re: Sony VAIO T-series?

> I'm considering purchasing a VAIO T150 laptop.  However, I've been
> unable to find any information on Linux compatibility for the series.
> Is there anyone on this list who has one and has a moment to summarize
> their experience installing Debian on it?

I've also been considering it.  Looks like it mostly works.  Here's a page
with somebody's experience (mandrake) http://markadavis.org/vgnt150.html

It looks like the versions of software he is using are roughly equivalent
to what you would find in sarge.  From his web page and from an email
dialog with him, it sounds like it takes some work, but not much more than
you would have to do with other new, ultra portable notebooks (Dell X300,
Panasonic W2/Y2, Acer M5N, etc.).

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