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Re: Vivanco PCC USB 2.0 trips Dell Inspiron 2100's internal circuit breaker

On Sat, 06 Nov 2004 10:10:23 +0100
Aaron wrote:

> Hello all,
> I recently purchased a Vivianco Cardbus to USB 2.0 adaptor (Model no. 
> 14359), 


> Unfortunately as soon as I insert the card into the CardBus slot of my 
> running Dell Inspiron 2100, the internal circuit breaker of my laptop 
> trips.  If I insert the card before powering on the laptop, the boot 
> process makes it some way into the "Discovering Hardware" phase before 
> tripping the circuit breaker.  


If the card works on another laptop your computer might have some hardware
problems. If it doesn't, I'd say the card is dead. You also might want
to test the computer with another card to be sure it is not your
laptop that is acting up.

Even new hardware is known to be DOA, that is why there is a warranty.


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