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Re: How can I install gnome on my nec versa note

El vie, 05-11-2004 a las 10:20 -0600, Jason Martens escribió:
> ntr wrote:
> > well, technically, all you need is
> >
> > apt-get install gnome
> >
> > for the X is necessary and will be downloaded anyway...
> >  
> >
> Unless the package dependencies have been fixed, gnome does not depend 
> on xserver.  It is necessary to manually select the xserver-xfree86 
> package (or some meta package) as well as the gnome package.

 There is nothing to fix here. That gnome only depends in xfree-common,
it's the same that xserver-xfree86 doesn't depend on fonts[1]. Forcing
that dependency will make some instalations where both things are not
needed bloated. And if you want or need an X Window Server, that's what
x-window-system metapackage  is for ;-)



Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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