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Re: why cant i kill processes?

ognjen Bezanov wrote:

HI all,

I have a laptop running debian testing with 2.6.8 custom-kernel, and ive
noticed that sometimes i cannot exit from applications (e.g. xine).
clicking on the close button does nothing, but the application does not
seem to stop responding (i.e. is basically ignores the request to close)

now if i go to bash and type kill <pid> the process does not get
terminated, it just continues as if i didnt kill it, also the "kill"
command does not return an error, as far as its concerned everythings
ok. also killall <process> does not work, but also does not give any

Usually the only thing i can do is restart, and i dont want to have to
keep restarting the pc every time i type a document, watch a film or
listen to music.

is it normal for processes not to be able to be terminated, i was under
the impression that i could terminate any process i want to (except the
ones that are vital for the system not to lock up) using the "kill"
command, whats going on?

Sometimes if the process is hung, you need to use extra force. Try "kill -9 pid". Note, this should only be used as a last resort.


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