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Re: Need some guidance on a IBM G40

Gustavo Halperin wrote:
> > Arthur Zhu wrote:
> > Thanks for the advice. When you say 'start again from the start' do you
> > mean boot the machine with say Sid CD1 and wipe out the previous
> > installation?
>  And one more think, if you are new with Debian I think that maybe is to
> risk use Sid, maybe is better start with Sarge
> that is almost stable.

I agree.  We are in that time just before the release of sarge to
stable when it is oh so very close to being released that it is in
very good shape.  I think it would be a good answer.  Then when sarge
does release as stable you are running Debian stable with security
updates and everything else.

> > But Sid is supposed to be only used for upgrade not installation from
> > start?

Normally you would only install stable and then upgrade to testing or
unstable.  But since testing is so close to release there is a good
working installer for testing right now.  So this is not general
advice but rather advice for the moment.  Six months from now we will
be back to the normal case of saying install stable and upgrade to
testing or unstable.


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