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Need some guidance on a IBM G40


As a debian newbie I would like to give Woody a go on my newly
acquired IBM G40. P4 3.0GHz, 512MB RAM and 60GB HDD.

I resized the NTFS partition put a basic Debian system (3.0r2) on and
I am back at a command prompt.

I haven't tried out X server or anything and I searched the Net for
some hints and the things I found are more a 'finished' installation
for advanced users without any further details. It seems like I need
XFree86 4.3.0 - I am running a bare system with kernel 2.4.18 coming
with the woody and also 9 Sid CDs (2004 July 3 version) from a friend.

What should I do next? compile a kernel? Or do a dist upgrade? I am
really lost here. Any help will be much appreciated.


Arthur Zhu

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