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Re: Netinstall on Hp Pavilion ze5600

On Sun, Oct 31, 2004 at 08:41:21PM -0600, Sylvain LECORNE wrote:
>   Hie,
>   I want to do a netinstall in my lap but linux (Debian 3.0 r2) does not 
> recognize my network card (conected to a local area with acces to internet 
> through a router). How can I do a net install ?

There are instructions in the list archives or somewhere on the internet 
for building a custom kernel with *just* your network card in it.  You 
have to make smart choices because you need to support everything you 
need but the kernel can't be too big (<1mb), it has to fit on a floppy.

I did this.  Of course you need a working Linux environment to build the 

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