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Re: PE200-mau-combo

Emil Carlsson wrote:

linux wrote:

Emil Carlsson wrote:

Norton Trevisan Roman wrote:

Em Sex, 2004-10-29 às 17:26, Emil Carlsson escreveu:
Derek Broughton wrote:

On Friday 29 October 2004 12:25, wiskass@centrum.cz wrote:

HY I´m Wiskas and need driver for PE200-mau-combo thanks.(windows)

HY Wiseass, What's windows?

I think he is refering to the operation system...

wait a minute, is he referring to windows or an operating system? Now
I'm confused

my bet is that he is actually refering to an operationsystem, it seem to be the latest fad to ask MS Windows questions in Linux forums. And it seems as if he is looking for some drivers of some kind

I wrote him in his own language, I happen to know a language that he should understand and he emailed me that he got it of google and it got here by accident. He really was looking for Windowze drivers. :(. Well he got them go good for him.

Glad it worked out. Just by curiosity, what exactly was he looking for and what language was it that he spoke?

not sure what was he looking for, but it was a czech lamguage and I speak slova. There used to be a coutry Czecho-slovakia. A federation of two nation with their own languages, cultures, cuisines, united to do better social-economicaly and politicaly. The coutry was split when there was no more need for it according to some politicians (ofcouse economicalay motivated :( ).

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