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Re: debian package

If you could maintain a Debian package for mobile processor configurations for the kernel, you would make lots of laptop users very happy -- including me!  Let me know if I can help.  I have a Sony Vaio PCG-TR2A that dual boots Windows XP Pro and Debian Linux (unstable).  I would be happy to test experimental versions of this package if needed.  Thanks.

On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 19:34 +0300, Eddy Petrisor wrote:
David Cohen wrote:
> Hi!
> I've built a debian package for kernel 2.6.9 (Pentium-M). But I have a
> doubt: where can I post it? here?

Send this announcement to debian-devel IF and ONLY IF you can maintain a 
kernel package for mobiles.

> Regards,
> David Cohen


"That would require time-travel, a feature not currentable available in 
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