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Prism 2.5 Wavelan problem

Hi List

I'm having serious problems getting a Medion MD6200 with a prism 2.5 wireless lan card to connect to my hostap accesspoint. I have another machine which connects without a problem. I have tried 3 different drivers. The orinoco, hostap and wlan-ng drivers. None of them allows me to connect to my access point. All the drivers seem to load nicely and I can issue command to the card, like setting essid and so on. But it wont connect. I have even upgraded the firmware on the card. Didn't work either. I have run out of ideas so now I'm asking you :)

Like I said its a Medion md6200 machine running debian unstable with kernel 2.6.8 The different drivers have been compiled from source.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Jesper Mørk

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