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testing ppp w/ debian


I'm trying to get ppp working on friend's debian portable. wvdial is what I have used in the past, but, any other ppp package recommedations are welcome. What I'm need to do is put a serialport (rs232) modem on another debian system and set it for the dialin (inbound) part of the ppp connection connect. Once I get that to work, I need to be able to require various things, such as pap, chap, etc, on the inbound side so at to emulate what the ISP requires. That way we can test the various settings on my friends' portable. Having cable modem access at home, it's been a long time since I've messed around with dialin ppp. One other question, instead of going to the trouble to setup a radius server (would not even know which radius package is good), can I just make up a shell account for the user and auth the passwd on the same server that the serialport modem is connected to?

Any ideas on packages for the ppp dialin on single serial port?


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