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Re: Re:kde/gnome/blackbox

Hi Prakash Countcham, *,

Prakash Countcham wrote:

> Hi,
> > logo:~# update-alternatives --list x-session-manager
> > /usr/bin/icewm-session
> > /usr/bin/gnome-session
> > /usr/bin/xfce4-session
> This is interesting. I was just trying to make fwvm as default on my box. But
> update-alternatives doesn't work with fvwm :( (It isn't considered as a
> x-session-manager, only a x-window-manager).
> While reading the rest of the thread, I was also wondering which of .xinitrc
> and .xsession is better according to Debian policy.

Don't know what policy thinks about this, but from my own experience:
.xinitrc is used when you use a plain startx or similar to start your
xserver and related things.
.xsession should be executed by your session manager (gdm, kdm, xdm) after
the user has logged in.
I'm not quite sure where there is a relationship between both, maybe one
uses another as a fall back. For more info about this I advice you to read
the docs of gdm, kdm, xdm .. whatever.

Kind regards

Martin Theiß <mtheiss@neo.wh-stutgart.de>
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