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Re: writing on NTFS

Am 27.07.04 17:25:25, schrieb Ivan Glushkov 

>Hi all,
>I have a problem with my NTFS partition. Currently I have in my 
>/etc/fstab the following:
># <file system> <mount point>   <type>  
><options>                                                       <dump>  
>/dev/hda1       /ntfs           ntfs    
>rw,exec,nodev,nosuid,users,gid=glushkov,umask=002   0       0
>/dev/hda7       /data           ntfs    
>rw,exec,nodev,nosuid,users,gid=glushkov,umask=002   0       0
>Looking at my kernel configuration one finds:
>cat .config | grep -i ntfs
># CONFIG_NTFS_DEBUG is not set
>This way I can happily read my NTFS partition. But there is no
>way to write on them. Any ideas?
>                      Thanks in advance,
>                      Ivan

Hi Ivan,

go "goggle.de" for "captive". Or

Captive is the only linux-project that propperly support writing
on NTFS.


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