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Re: Is laptop_mode experimental?

On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 09:41:56PM -0400, Jerome Werner wrote:
> Thanks to those who helped me getting it work. Now that it's working though it's causing me problems afterwards.
> When I read the laptop_mode.txt file in the kernel source I didn't get the feeling it was experimental. I'm using 2.6.7. But everytime I use the script I have to manually fsck my ext3 root partition back to health. (And since then I haven't been able to use kde-- but it could be related). Is it considered experimental? (If it is I wish they would have made it more clear). 

Its not considered experimental and it shouldn't be doing that. What it
does is make the journal and disk cache flush to disk every 10 minutes
instead of 30 seconds so that the disk could spin down. The script also
the disk to spin down after 20 seconds using hdparm.

It shouldn't be the problem, but try disabling laptop mode before you
shut down (it may be that its not flushing the journal properly at shut
down but I don't think so). If that is the problem then it should be

You aren't using swsusp by any chance? (I don't think they play well
together. If you are, disable laptop mode before you suspend).

> (PS Sorry if replies aren't formatted correctly but I'm using groups.google.com because debian-laptop mail is no longer coming to my inbox even though I'm subscribed).
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