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Re: ACPI not working on a Gericom Patriot mobile AMD Athlon XP 1500+

On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 12:02:08AM +0200, Javier Candeira wrote:
> After installing Guadalinex (a localised Debian for education and
> desktop users put out by the Andalusian Government in Spain) on this
> laptop the ony hitch is that there is no battery gauge, and the
> computer uses it until fully discharged without any warning.
> The computer is a Gericom Patriot mobile AMD Athlon XP 1500+
> I have not been able to find the rest of the specs for it in Google,
> maybe someone with a better German will be able to help out (Gericom
> is an Austrian brand).
> The battery works fine in windows, so we have ruled out a hardware problem.
> Looking in /proc/acpi, there is no file or directory called 'battery'.

You are right looking there.  The information you need is the kernel
it's running (uname -r) to see whether it supports acpi (all reasonably
recent kernels do).  Then you need to see if there is a battery module
(modprobe battery).  If the module is there, it loads with the previous
command and your laptop indeed supports acpi, you'll have the files
under /proc/acpi/battery and there is a host of tools to monitor battery
status.  If the module is not there, you'll have to recompile your own
kernel.  I'm not familiar with Guadalinex or that brand of laptop.
Contact me if you need more help (en castellano si quieres).

Ivan Fernández

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