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Re: power off on dell inspiron

Daniel Pittman wrote:
On 25 Jun 2004, John Taber wrote:
As my Knoppix/Debian loads, it appears to load ACPI - maybe I need to adjust a
ACPI config file ?

Hrm. I couldn't say, I fear -- I don't use ACPI on my laptop, only APM.

It is possible that the ACPI system doesn't support your hardware well
enough to power it off, or that as you say, some assembly is required.

Alternately, there is probably a way to get the system to use APM
(acpi=off on the kernel command line, I believe, is a good start) and
that may work of you...

Which Inspiron model are we speaking of here?

(With some advice from this list) I have ACPI running on an Inspiron 8200 using the nv (Free) XFree86 driver. Halt and suspend to disk function as expected. I'm running an unpatched 2.6.7 kernel.


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