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I have a Thinkpad R40 with debian testing installed, with kernel 2.6.5. During the boot sequence, the kernel fails to load hw_random with message:

hw_random: RNG not detected
modprobe: FATAL: Error inserting hw_random (/lib/modules/2.6.5-1-686/kernel/drivers/char/hw_random.ko): Not such device

     hw_random: can't be loaded
missing kernel or user mode driver hw_random

I have been looking for information about it in the internet, but I have plenty of doubts. What is it for? If my hardware does not have RNGs, should I have to substitute it with something else?

I have some problems with my laptop (ACPI and APM resume after suspend, switching between the LCD and the serial port with Fn+F7) and i dont know if they are related issues (two months ago someone in this list said to me that they weren't, but i am not sure).

I would be gratefull for anyu help.



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