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Dead TP600X...


I recently took my laptop (an IBM TP 600X) overseas and it ceased to work
after going through multiple security devices including x-ray machines.

It comes up with two cmos errors (date/time not set and cmos checksum error).
 The problem is that I cannot get to any screen other than a screen with an
icon which seems to imply I should read the manual.  The manual says I should
follow the instructions on the screen...

I have not been able to find a way to set any cmos values and there is a
hardware manual I have read which seems to imply it might be a motherboard
fault.  So,

(1)  Has anyone encountered this problem?  And if so can it be "software"
fixed?  If it is hardware then the laptop is going in the bin (or at least
scavenged for parts).

(2)  Also, I would, one way or another, like to recover my data off the hard
disk (about a month of e-mails which weren't backed up).  So I bought a 2.5"
disk enclosure with a usb interface.  Although the computer was stuffed, I
assumed that the hard disk would still be OK.

However, I find that the partition table has been completely corrupted and I
cannot read the reiser fs partition on the disk (from my new laptop running
debian woody from a reiser fs partition).

Assuming that only the partition table has been corrupted (and this is looking
more and more hopeful rather than realistic) is there a way to recreate it
without destroying the data and leaving the file system intact?  When you
create a boot disk (from a debian woody install) at installation time, is it
smart enough to save a copy of the partition table to this disk?

Or should I just go to my last backup and get what I can and accept that the
month of e-mails are lost?

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