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Re: persistent interface

This was really clarifying; thank you.

jdthood@yahoo.co.uk (Thomas Hood) wrote:

|> It looks as if you are under the impression that "mapping" is an
|> option for "iface eth1 inet dhcp".  Actually it should be a
|> separate stanza. 

You're absolutely right; I was.

|> Strictly speaking, this means that only the loopback interface "lo"
|> is brought up by /etc/rcS.d/S40networking.
|> Other interfaces can be brought up while the system is booting 
|> via the hotplug mechanism.  Your stanza
|>     mapping hotplug
|>     script echo
|> enables this mechanism.

I believe that this was (at least a good part of) my problem. When I
replaced this with your suggested:

|>     mapping hotplug
|>     script grep
|>     map eth1

the boot process did not hang as it did before. 

There are other things that I still have to understand here, but this
is definite progress. More importantly, I've learned a lot from the
two threads I've been involved in here, and I'm grateful to everyone
who contributed.

Is there good documentation somewhere about mapping stanzas in the
interfaces file? I've read the `interfaces' man page, and the stuff in
/usr/share/doc/ifupdown. They're both very helpful, but a bit cryptic.

Cheers and thanks,


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